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Our storage facilities are  located near Newbury, convenient for J13 and J14 M4 as well as A34, and between Bath and Chippenham convenient for J17 M4.

Our  Newbury facility have capacity for up to 70 vehicles 

Our facilities between Bath and Chippenham have capacity for up to 90 vehicles.

We operate from a total of ten units.

Limited places remain for winter 2020/21 storage at Newbury only.

All our facilities have Covid compliant protocols in place.

Three new storage units at Chippenham

Our service comprises

      • Secure dehumidified storage
      • All cars are washed and chamois leathered on initial storage
      • In order to prevent flat spots tyres are inflated to fifty percent above normal
      • Batteries are generally connected to a conditioner which we provide if necessary or disconnected as requested
      • A full photographic record of condition of car is made on delivery if requested
      • We generally require forty eight hours prior notice for removal of vehicles, weekdays only, by appointment although exceptions will be made if possible
      • Failure to show for an appointment for collection or delivery of a vehicle may incur a fee and we will not allow collection by customers who simply arrive at our premises without prior arrangement
      • No owner maintenance is allowed
      • Minimum storage charge 3 months
      • Collection and delivery can be arranged please see Transportation and ask for quote
      • Prices subject to change by periodic review
      • If you are seeking to sell your car from storage we can arrange a local secure viewing location away from the storage facility and can advertise and show your car as required however please contact us to discuss

        Vehicle Storage Ramps in our new 36 car facility

Car Storage Tarriff Per week
Dehumidified storage  £25.001
Battery conditioner  included
Dust cover  £1.001
Per Car
Valet Wash £60.004
Clean and Feed Leather £60.004
Steam Clean £60.004
Storage on axle stands £ask
MOT including preMOT assessment £75.00
Major or minor works & servicing £ask

All charges are subject to VAT at the current rate which will be added when invoiced.


Storage Facility near Chippenham


Although Classic Car Safe has an insurance policy which covers all cars in storage or in transit, whether trailered or driven, whilst under our control owners must insure their vehicles for fire and theft. Economical insurance can generally be arranged through Hagerty. We are not insurance brokers and you will need to contact them yourselves to arrange insurance.


Minimum storage period 3 months. Storage charges apply per week or part thereof. A week for these purposes begins on, and includes, a Sunday. Charges, including VAT, will be invoiced quarterly in arrears although one off charges incurred on the clients instructions may be invoiced as they arise at our discretion. Please note the surcharges for vehicles (i) over 15ft long, (ii) 5ft high or (iii) valued by their owners in excess of £70,000.

Further storage facilities near Chippenham

We recognise clients often need the certainty of a space before making the necessary logistic transport commitments to get their car or cars into storage. Equally we do not want blocked and unproductive places reserved for cars which may not, for whatever reason, arrive or arrive when scheduled. We will thus not reserve a space with more than one months lead time before the proposed arrival into storage without getting a non-refundable deposit of one months rental and agreement that the rental will run from an agreed future date regardless of when the car arrives. The three month minimum will still apply but only if the car actually arrives in storage and will run from the earlier of the date the reservation becomes active or from the date of arrival. If the car does not arrive within the deposit window of one month from the agreed date the reservation will be cancelled but can be rolled over at our discretion against a payment of a further one month’s deposit.

Whilst we will always endeavour to make vehicles available to you, or take them back into storage, at less than 48 hours notice, as per our Terms and Conditions, there is no guarantee we will be able to do so on every occasion especially if this involves a weekend or out of hours movement because it depends on the availability of personnel.  Other than in very exceptional circumstances we require two people present to facilitate safe car movement. If a short notice (ie less than 48 hours) movement request is likely to involve us in extra weekend or out of hours cost then we will agree with you at the time of your request any additional charges involved. Such charge, if incurred, is likely to be not less than £30 plus VAT.

Mezzanine and car lift in the storage facility near Newbury


1. Cars up to 15ft long or more than 5ft high, 25% surcharge to storage prices above that length. Cars valued in excess of £70,000 will face a surcharge of £2 per £10,000 value per month.
2. Airchamber to be supplied by CCS at normal retail price
3. Airchamber can be rented at £30 per month
4. £75 over 15ft long or 5ft high

To contact us regarding any of the above please either call us on 01488 608877 or use our contact page, view our Terms and Conditions here or fill in our booking form here.