Our new Bespoke Storage units under construction

In response to client requests we have evolved a Bespoke Storage solution on our sites near Chippenham whereby a client takes possession of an entire unit and has unrestricted sole access 24/7 whilst continuing to enjoy all of the services of our Car Storage Package. Our Bespoke Storage solution is priced on the potential storage capacity of the unit but it is up to the client of what vehicles are in store at any time.

A Bespoke Storage unit near Chippenham

Our new unit opening in February 2023 has taken this concept further with individua 2 car units which also incorporate a pit to enable minor service works but no welding or spraying!

In order to ensure the continuing insurance of vehicles in our Bespoke Storage units we require clients to notify us of any changes but we also monitor which cars are in the units on a regular basis.

Despite keeping a vehicle stored in optimal conditions it is essential to both maintain and ‘exercise’ vehicles. Mechanical and electrical components deteriorate if a vehicle is not properly maintained or used. Unfortunately, such deterioration may not become apparent until the vehicle is out of storage and driven. As a result of this, we have included some obvious standard storage preparation and maintenance provisions in the cost of our storage.

Additionally, we can offer additional Bespoke Service packages to extend maintenance and service to your requirements through our associated operation CCS Restoration LLP to help meet your vehicle’s specific needs. If an MoT is required we can arrange this as well as arranging to tax your vehicle. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.