Classic Car Safe provides a complete storage solution for classic and prestige vehicles near Bath and Chippenham and near Newbury


We have secure locations in both Wiltshire & Berkshire;


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All vehicles are comprehensively insured as soon as they are stored with us


With one, all inclusive, level of service there are no 'Extras' although we can arrange valeting, maintenance and MOTs

Bespoke Solutions

Our Bespoke Solutions service gives exclusive individual unit occupation with 24/7 access


We restore our own cars so we can arrange restoration for your classic either in our CCS Restoration LLP workshop or at a marque specialist.

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Additional New Facility Open near Chippenham February 2023

Secure Classic and Prestige Car Storage at 10 sites Near Bath, Chippenham and Newbury,

We have been storing classic and prestige cars since 2012 and have grown to 10 secure locations with over 17,000 sq ft of car storage in Wiltshire between Bath & Chippenham and in Berkshire near Newbury. All sites can handle your classic or prestige car needs from dehumidified secure storage to easy access for you to drop off and collect your vehicle. There is also an option to arrange transport for the collection or delivery of your vehicle.

Classic Car Safe provides a complete storage solution for classic & prestige vehicles. CCS was created by classic car enthusiasts for fellow car enthusiasts. We restore our own vehicles and can arrange restoration for your vehicles either through CCS Restoration LLP or a specialist of your choosing. As well as restoration, we can take care of any maintenance, transport and valeting requirements with qualified professionals as well as organising MOTs. All vehicles are insured as soon as they are stored with us.

Our new (in 2021) storage facilities near Chippenham looking picturesque in the snow – December 2022.

Any of our 10 secure locations in Wiltshire between Bath & Chippenham and in Berkshire near Newbury can handle all your classic or prestige car requirements.

We are mindful that ‘Extras’ can add significantly to storage costs, as a consequence we do not offer ‘Extras’* or different levels of service so the pricing on our Storage Page is simple.

Contact us by phone 01488 608877 or 07836 727212, by e-mail or complete the storage booking form to let us know your requirements.

Please note Classic Car Safe LLP does not offer any services acting as an intermediary between parties buying and selling motor vehicles, valuing motor vehicles or assessing the condition of motor vehicles. It has come to our notice that third parties unconnected to Classic Car Safe LLP have made representations to prospective purchasers of motor vehicles that these are services we offer – we do not.

* Save for special requests, extra large vehicles or vehicles valued over £70,000.